Welcome – and to quote terminally unhip Spanish rocker Miguel Rios – bienvenidos!

About 20 years ago I half came up with an idea for a fanzine, probably partially inspired by the wit of various friends, and partly inspired by the old Boy’s Own fanzines a fellow record shop (I won’t pretend it was Black Market, Rough Trade, Sister Ray or even some huge megastore because it wasn’t, just one of the several UK nationwide chains that disappeared with the first wave of downloaders) employee lent me.

Sadly, it never came to more than a few pages of Pritt-stuck copies and stuff on a few sheets of A4 in a plastic folder.

Until now.

The idea was to look at top music – mainly – and other current items of the day – bad music mainly – and lightly celebrate it or poke fun at it or both… as well as trying to inject a dose of humour into the proceedings and a couple of Tom Smith-quality puns into the bargain.

Remember, this was the early 90’s, a time of exciting musical genre-hopping to some and flagrant bandwagon jumping to others. The time when indie kids were getting into acid house and when MC Hammer and MC Tunes were getting into the charts. When the Funky Drummer was everywhere from Public Enemy to George Michael to Ultra Vivid Scene. When people’s ears opened to music outside their traditional (record) box, and stuff previously written off as old and irrelevant (Crosstown Traffic, Sympathy for the Devil..) was given a new lease of life.

When white men who couldn’t dance stormed the dancefloors.

Yes, my pals and I were even regulars at the legendary Oxford Street indie-dance mecca Syndrome (as mentioned in Alex James’ bio Bit of a Blur), and although I never seemed to coincide with Damon and Graham or Kurt and Courtney I think I did once glimpse Miles from the Wonderstuff propping up the bar.

Fast forward 20 years and musically, bar a handful of lights in the dark, the charts have become a permanent refuge for talent show flavours of the month and advert soundtracks, UK radio has become as stale and compartmentalised as its US counterpart (6Music notwithstanding) and John Peel is dead. “Ver Kids” seem keener on daft ringtones than on music which, thanks to various technological advances, is considered as ephimeral as an email.

But despite all that, and despite all the damage that the “net” is percieved to have done to the music industry, some genuine music lovers are (to quote Tim Westwood) “keepin’ it real” (or was that Ali G?) out there, blogging and even podcasting away about great choonage, old and new.

We’ll do our best to keep you informed.

Oh and I suppose I have to mention a whole load of keywords for “browser optimisation” so here goes…

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