Sheffield Peel II: a Peel Session selection

26 Oct

Many of the celebrated Sheffield bands from then and now have visited the BBC Studios at Maida Vale to record a session for John Peel, and – without further ado – here is a choice selection of them.

The Human League, in their pre-chart-topping lineup of Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh alongside Phil “Philip” Oakey, recorded a Peel Session in the August of 1978 – mere months after their live debut at what was then Psalter Lane Art College (and now part of Sheffield Hallam University) that June.

A formative “Being Boiled” and a novel take on “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling” are accompanied by “No Time” and the 12-minute-plus epic “Blind Youth”.

You can take it away HERE

Warp-certified bleepsters and Speak-and-Spell owners LFO recorded a Peel Session in 1990.

Take Control, To the Limit, Rob’s Nightmare and Lost World were the tracks featured.

Take it away HERE

John was a bit partial to Cabaret Voltaire, who recorded the above session in 1984, which kicks off with a superior version of Sleepwalking.

Other tracks are Big Funk and The Operative.

The Comsat Angels are often talked about in reverential tones by later Sheffield indie bands, and above these words you can find the first of what seems to be a grand total of four Peel Sessions (although it could be just two, played twice), from 1980.

Tracks were: Real StoryMonkey PilotWaiting For A Miracle and Home Is The Range.

Artery were fondly remembered by Jarvis Cocker in his recent radio reminisces on his formative years in his native Sheffield, recently aired by BBC 6Music in their recent “Sheffield Sunday” tribute to the (ahem) one-time steeltown. If I remember rightly, he even mentioned that the drummer went out with his (Jarvis’) sister! Never really broke through to cult status outside Sheffield, but they still managed to attract the ears of Mr Ravenscroft who got them in to record the above session in 1982.

Tracks were: The Ghost Of A Small Tour Boat Captain,  Louise (no relation to the Human League song of the same name years later), The Slide and The Sailor Situation.

If any of this has awoken your curiosity about Sheffield bands (I couldn’t find the ABC Peel Session anywhere, and Heaven 17 never did a Peel Session despite – I believe – making the Festive Fifty) your first port of call should be the Sheffield Vision website. Their “The Beat Is The Law” film looks good too.

And I didn’t mention Arctic Monkeys once.


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