Spirit of Peel: new music from a distant shore – Delfloria

11 Oct

John Peel, for all his Liverpudlian (ish) charm, was truly a man of the world. Seen above in traditional Mexican headgear accompanied by his night-time Radio One “Rhythm Pal” Kid “David” Jensen on Top of the Pops, Peel would regularly play music from places like Zimbabwe, Slovenia, Düsseldorf or Hull to name but four exotic locations from which he received records through the post or from specialist shops, and often subsequently invited them to Maida Vale to record a session.

Even though noted Japanophile Momus once opined that Peel didn’t care for Japanese pop , he did play Pizzicato Five and Cornelius (unless I am mistaken) and famously introduced Shonen Knife to a wider world. I also recall him playing a Japanese language version of Paul Hardcastle’s poptastic ‘Nam stutterer “19” when the song made number one on the UK Top 40. Polysics also recorded a session which, if the links still work, you can sample here.

Often when Peel came across a “foreign” record on his travels he had little or no information on the musicians responsible, which obviously didn’t stop him playing it. So, in keeping with his tradition of playing tracks from unknown bands singing in foreign languages, we present Delfloria from Japan.

Hailing from Osaka, Japan’s second city (not quite an eastern version of Birmingham, but… as you were), Delfloria appears to be a singer-songwriter with a guitar, vaguely influenced by Cornelius song structure and by Saint Etienne and Weller’s “English Rose”. She (or, indeed they) also follow Heavenly Records on Soundcloud, which might be a clue.

Have a listen to a track called “Tea”, why don’t you:

If you like what you hear there are a couple more songs on that Soundcloud page here, which also has a link to a website that seems to be broken.

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