New Music in the Spirit of Peel: Lippy Kid

9 Oct

As I mentioned in my last post – as an appetizer to #keepingitpeel this 25th October – we at We Love All That Towers are going to be throwing some quality new music of various genres at you in the spirit of the late, great John Peel. Peel did spend a vast amount of time listening to new music, notably filling his travelling time from Peel Acres to Broadcasting House not with Teenage Kicks on a looped cassette but with the sounds of the many tapes he was mailed or handed from hopeful musicians, while I would imagine new records and CDs sent to him would eat into precious family time AND he would also spend time in record shops hunting down fresh sounds. Famously paranoid about missing the next Four Brothers or that year’s answer to the “shambling” bands of ’86 that took student bedrooms up and down the country by storm, Peel listened to anything and everything he could.

So, in the Spirit of Peel, let me introduce our first new band – Lippy Kid – who aren’t a band at all, but just one bloke, Paul Scott, an exiled Mancunian residing in Chesterfield. His page describes Lippy Kid as techno electronica minimal loops, which is probably more accurate than “evocative of early 808 State and wouldn’t have sounded out of place on the Eastern Bloc stereo at the tail end of the 80s”

First release was the Love To Infinity EP that came out this May, available at a Radiohead-style “name-your-price” price, with all profits going to Action Aid. A three-tracker, all tracks well worth your eartime. Ooo, look! Here it is for you to play!

In late September the Celluloid album hit the interweb, this time for the most attractive price of €0.00! Well, that’s what it cost me in Spain, you’ll have to check one of those currency conversion websites if you live outside the Eurozone. It’s an especially fine soundtrack for a headphone commute, and if you’re on some far eastern underground transport network, even better. I’ll spare you my prose and let the music do the talking, as by the wonders of modern technology it’s also here for you to play and enjoy.

Has anyone told Sofia Coppola about this album?

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