Keep ’em Peeled…

23 Oct

Okay… it’s been exactly two months since this blog was updated but…

I felt a perverse obligation to return to the keyboard as Monday 25th is Keeping It Peel day, a blog-wide hat-tip to the late John Robert Parker Ravenscroft OBE, better known as John Peel. Music-lover, countryman, father, dj, writer, TV star, Liverpool fan, curry aficionado and all-round good bloke (by all accounts), Peelie formed the backbone of my record / tape / CD / MP3 collection with his boundless but tempered enthusiasm, his eclectic taste and his thirst for good new music, from grindcore to ‘appy ‘ardcore and beyond.

So I’m about to pop round to the Keeping It Peel website and add this very ‘umble and fairly lightweight blog’s particulars to the “blogroll” supporting  the cause.

It was either that or carve “4 PEEL” into my forearm, and I have to admit I’m not very handy with a Stanley knife. Plus I wouldn’t really want my young son copying me when I only let him use a fork and spoon.

I’ve already got my own “respec’ to the godfather” Spotify playlist lined up, and I’ll see what I can dig out of the proverbial crates for the day.

So, in the words of Shaw Taylor: keep ’em peeled!

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