Jesus Cruyff!

7 Jul

A lot has happened in World Cup land since my last post.

Firstly England were knocked out by Germany, and Rooney, Cole, Terry, Lampard and co. were sent home with their collective tail between their legs. Well… maybe apart from Ashley Cole who possibly had his tail between someone else’s legs. Allegedly.

Then one by one big guns were knocked out, including hypothetical finalists such as Brazil and Argentina and big stars like Cristiano Ronaldo. Even the much lauded successor to Maradona – Leo Messiwas unable to notch up a single goal (possibly due to the fact that Xavi wasn’t in the Argentinian squad to pass to him), and El Pelusa himself (it means “Fluff” by the way, lord knows what the late Alan Freeman would have made of that, pop pickers..) eventually had to blub an embarrassed adios (or “AD10S” as the Spanish press styled it) to his dream job. Italian and French politicians asked questions about their respective teams’ piss-poor performance, and referees’ decisions were once more questioned, leading Sepp Blatter to make some vague promise to introduce technology into subsequent tournaments to stop such embarrassing gaffes reoccurring.

Ghana were also the last African team to be knocked out, sadly sparing headline writers for Marca and As proclaiming GHANA GANA from their front pages.

But, by the skin of their teeth and God on their side, Spain, pre-tournament favourites, made it through to the semis where they meet the mighty Germany later today. Villa’s goal against Paraguay was amazing, and the game had its fair share of refcentric slip-ups, including a penalty given when it shouldn’t have been, another not given when it should have been immediately after, a penalty that had to be re-taken after being saved, a goal that was probably rightly offside.. etc..etc

And then last night (it’s gone midnight!) Holland beat Uruguay with goals from an ex-Barça player and two ex-Madridistas. A very late second goal couldn’t save Veron and co. from defeat in the dying minutes but they put up a brave fight.

Which brings us onto a tenuous link to a footy-related EP which I believe even the excellent Football and Music blog hasn’t picked up on yet.

A Japanese shoegazing band on a My-Bloody-Valentine-meets-Jesus-and-Mary-Chain tip called cruyff in the bedroom (all lower case like that), formed in 1998, the year of Japan’s World Cup debut.

Their bio states that they were named after a “Dutch soccer coach named Cruyff who died before winning a World Cup” so we can only assume that the James Osborne and Andrew Thompson who allegedly wrote or translated the band’s English language blurb are Americans. They also have a MySpace page called “only feedback” (as in “Only Shallow” meets more feedback.. can you see the influences yet?).

So here is the prize at the end of the waffle, cruyff in the bedroom’s “top of the world” E.P. in full for you to take away, to celebrate Holland getting to the World Cup finals.

And if you happen to be passing through 下北沢, they’re playing at the Club Que there on Friday week.

That’s the Japanese band, not the Dutch football team.

>>>>> cruyff in the bedroom – top of the world <<<<<

And not a word about the German psychic octopus who predicted Spain would triumph over Joachim Löw’s men on July 7th!


Well I’m off to enter this exciting topical World Cup competition here, see you after the match!

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  1. World Wide News Flash - 7 July, 2010

    Jesus Cruyff!…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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