Que será Sara…

18 Jun

Spaghetti alla Carbonero

… whatever will be will be.

Both the UK and Spain are chattering and making disparaging comments aimed at one attractive blue-eyed sports reporter, the young lass you see above you: Señorita Sara Carbonero.

Although the name (and indeed the photo above) may get you thinking of pasta, the word “carbonero” is actually Spanish for “tit”.

As in blue tit, coal tit etc. El carbonero común is actually a Great Tit.

Make of that what you will.

But Sarita has the unenviable job of being TV channel Telecinco’s roving sports reporter (or Pitchside Princess as one transatlantic publication put it) at the 2010 World Cup, knowing that sooner or later (and probably often) she will have the dubious honour of interviewing her boyfriend – “Saint” Iker Casillas – on live TV in front of an audience of millions. When the dreaded moment arose, Sara told Casillas that he’d “mucked up” or words to that effect, while Iker inadvertently pulled a face not unlike some approximation of the traditional Spanish expression “like El Fary eating a lemon” .

The UK tabloids have been quick to paint Carbonero as some kind of pariah, showing a photo of her, mic in hand hanging around the Spain goal (probably taken during the warm up or a training session), suggesting that most football-loving Spaniards were baying for her blood. In a straw poll of eight Spaniards I conducted last night, only one seemed to blame Sarita for Spain’s misfortune, although that was more due to another revelation about Ms. Carbonero that I shall not reveal here (unless a tabloid journalist offers me a large sum of money).

As Sid Lowe (the man in the know) suggests in his latest blog post, no-one here in Spain is pointing the finger at Sara Carbonero at all, although her little mini-interview of her other half has made her a household name around the globe and got her pretty face on the front page of The Times, no less. Even though Telecinco – her employer – is no stranger to morbo, that untranslateable twisted Spanish fascination most closely linked with other people’s sex lives and football or political rivalries. From trash TV such as Aquí hay tomate and Salvame Deluxe through reality shows like Big Brother and The Farm to pseudo-serious (at times!) debate shows like Cronicas Marcianas and La Noria, Telecinco has always placed an emphasis on the loud, the tacky and the morboso.

Why, here is a clip of the man who rolled football, politics and good old bad taste into one: none other than the late, great Jesus Gil. Former mayor of Marbella, president of Atlético Madrid and owner of a horse called Imperioso.

“Larger than life, and twice as ugly” as Martin Fry once said.

From the show Tutti Frutti.

Jesus Gil.

In a jacuzzi.

With a bevvy of busty beauties (known as las Mama Chicho).

On Telecinco, where else?

Oh, and as a treat, here’s a link to a page where you can read the lyrics and listen to this catchy little musical tribute to the man himself.

Prolapse  – “Surreal Madrid”

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