Here we go (again)…

14 Jun

The strikers, as everyone in football knows, are the game’s cash cows.

The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi, Kun Agüero etc are the ones who draw crowds and sell shirts, unlike the Xavis or Makeleles of this world who actually hold the whole thing together so the aforementioned strikers can shine.

Unlike in big business, where the strikers usually lose the bosses money.

In Euro 2008 Spain’s star strikers were Dani Güiza (surprisingly not actually pronounced “geezer” but “oui-thuh“), David Villa and Fernando Torres.

However, Güiza has had a funny old couple of years as his ex (or more accurately his “babymomma” – as rappers refer to women they have left up the duff) – the notorious former footy groupie Nuria Bermúdez – was a bit miffed that he didn’t keep his word that he would marry her is Spain won the tournament. She was also his manager into the bargain (and had allegedly “turned his life around”) and subsequently got into various spats with the player’s mother and ex-wife which led her to do a runner from Casa Güiza in Turkey with their young son.

Whether any of this had any bearing on Del Bosque’s decision to leave Dani boy out of the 2010 squad I have no idea.

But you thought John Terry had it bad.

Which leaves us with David Villa and Fernando Torres.

Villa, on his way to Barcelona next season, is the Spanish pichichi (highest-scoring player) of the last season. He also has strikingly spiky black hair and a funny sort of tailored mini-goatee. The former (the goalscoring prowess) is probably the reason why he was picked for the typical McDonalds football championship ad, the latter definitely why he was chosen for the (awfully bad) Giorgi hairgel ad and the slightly (but only just) more amusing Campsa petrol station ad.

Roll the tape…

Plus a bonus blast from the past… Villa, Messi and their mums (?!?) flogging custard!

Next installment – Fernando Torres!

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