Here we go…

13 Jun

Little do most people know, but Obama’s famous “Yes We Can” slogan was actually ripped-off hook, line and sinker from this (literally) inspirational campaign supporting the Spanish national football team in the 2008 European Championships, which, you may recall, they won.

Just like Bob the Builder’s 2000 hit “Can We Fix It?was ripped off from A Tribe Called Quest.

In the campaign the likes of goalie Iker Casillas or Liverpool main man Fernando Torres were transformed into futuristic technogladiators, tough enough to beat off all competition.

Which, of course they did.

Fast-forward to 2010 and there really seems to be genuine hope here in Spain that the team can pull it off again (as the actress said to the bishop). Virtually everyone in the team (including reserve goalie and resident joker Pepe Reina) seems to pop up between programmes advertising everything from soft drinks and beer to petrol stations and cologne, and La Roja is no longer automatically associated with the word cuartos (quarter finals).

Unlike in England, where the pubs will be fuller during any given England match than any Chelsea/Man U/Arsenal/Liverpool game (apart from Fuller’s pubs, which I suppose are still Fuller even when they’re closed..), Spanish bars are traditionally busier during Liga or Champion’s League (or even UEFA) matches – partly due to regionalistic splintering and partly due to years of being let down by the boys in red.

So in tribute to the national team of my adoptive country (and nothing to do with the fact that England hasn’t had a decent goalie since Pat Jennings… or was it Ray Clemence?) I present to you a little mini-series of adverts starring the golden boys of the next four weeks (unless they lose, and then it’ll be pretty much business as usual pre-2008)… starting with the goalies, the aforementioned comedy double-act of Real Madrid’s Iker Casillas and Liverpool’s Pepe Reina, flogging beer and insurance respectively.

For a bit of music to go with your football, try the amazing if you can tear yourself away from the box.

Torres and Villa still to come!

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