Mixless is more

3 Jun

That’s more as in nearly an hour of uninterrupted quality tuneage, not as in MORE the heavy metal band or More the overly long cancer stick of yore.

And that’s Mixless as in a third of the Bristol-based Slack Dads turntablist powerhouse, steeped in a rich musical back catalogue encompassing everything from “hands-in-the-air” Hacienda house to old soul to Godspeed! You Black Emperor to 2-Tone & Trojan Ska to Trip-hop, Britpop, Bitpop and beyond.
And The XX of course.

And also Mixless in the sense of “this one fades in”… style perfected (sort of) by His Royal Highness Sir John Ravenscroft OBE (or whatever it was) on his evening Radio One shows that soundtracked our generation.

However, just as Peelie proved he could mix on his Fabric mix CD (he mixes a glorious moment when his beloved Liverpool FC won the European Cup by beating… er… Real Madrid… over The Soledad Brothers), so Mixless does the same by subtly grafting together an eclectic mix in which you will hear “Pharaoh Monche nestling up to The New Puritans” along with come other unlikely yet not uncomfortable bedfellows.

As the man himself says “it’s not Kid Koala or Yoda”, but it’s well worth an hour of your uninterrupted attention, and probably more on repeat play.

So props to mah homeboy, the main man, the one and only DJ Mixless!

Oh, and update yer blog mate, people are clicking on it!

He’s not only updated it, he’s repainted it!

Head on over to Busy are we?

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