Mixed blessings

29 May

It’s always fun when you come across a web page with something new from an artist you like but you can’t understand a ruddy word of it.

So was the case with this Saint Etienne (oh no, not them again!) tribute mix produced by Swedish remix trio Supermix.

Here’s the tracklisting:

1 Saint Etienne — Cool Kids Of Death 0:00:00
2 Saint Etienne — Johnny in the Echo Cafe 0:00:04
3 Stakka Bo — Great Blondino (Coco Walsh Mix) 0:00:50
4 Glenroy Richards — Wicked Can’t Run Away 0:03:12
5 Afrique — House of Rising Funk 0:05:46
6 Saint Etienne Daho — Jungle Pulse 0:08:18
7 Dusty Springfield — I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby’s Face 0:10:21
8 Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods —Who Do You Think You Are 0:12:46
9 Air France — No Excuses 0:15:40
10 Eggstone — Wrong Heaven 0:18:08
11 The 6ths — Kissing Things 0:20:08
12 Saint Etienne — Johnny in the Echo Cafe (Reprise) 0:22:34
13 White Antelope — Silver Dagger 0:23:34
14 Tammy St John — Dark Shadows and Empty Hallways

Relatively obscure Saint Et. tracks, stuff they sampled or covered and a  few Swedish artists ( Stakka Bo, Eggstone etc.) are mixed up into a tasty 30-minute mix.

This is what the remix team said about it
(courtesy of Google Translations):

“Few bands are such musical crust as Sarah, Bob and Pete in Saint Etienne.
Their passion for everything from Dusty Springfield and French pop to Andrew Weatherall and Giorgio Moroder has given us the likes of
He’s On The Phone, Heart Failed (In The Back Of A Taxi) and You’re in a Bad Way.
We now show our love for Saint Etienne, their predecessors and their successors.
It is with the northern soul, the softest coat, the deepest spike and the most glittering euro.”

You can’t top that, can you?
Here’s the mix – as found on Swedish site letsmix.com, click on the pic.

 30 min Supermix - Saint Etienne from supermix at Letsmix.com

30 min Supermix – Saint Etienne from supermix at Letsmix.com.

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