Good news, bad news

24 May

After the internet has seen the closure of many record shops and cinemas over the past few years, it would only seem logical that the humble newsagent would be the next to perish at the hands of technology.

A suggestion from a colleague led me to this little gem – an apparently Spanish-based site, going by the quirky yet not very novel name of (the logo looks not unlike the YouTube logo).

Clicking on the música section under magazines you will find a host of Spanish and non-Spanish publications, from NME, Uncut and Rolling Stone to Les Inrockuptibles and.. er… a Mexican mag called Marvin. The latest issue and back issues!

Here’s the Ian Curtis anniversary edition of the NME, for example.

Lovers of La Liga (the Spanish football league to the uninitiated) can also perouse the day’s copies of Marca and As as read in bars and barbers nationwide, rather than the heavily truncated versions officially available online.

Similarly, pervs with a penchant for mixing the exotic with the erotic can browse the Ukranian edition of Playboy (I’m not making this up, honest), while anyone taking their dongle-equipped laptop into the doctor’s waiting room will be able to find more back issues of Hello (nice cover shot of John Terry and cuckolded missus on this back issue) and the like (most in Spanish, naturally) than you can shake a stick at.

Another way of getting your daily dose of music weeklies and monthlies as they appear on the news stands for zero money is via the even more imaginatively named, featuring Billboard, NME, Uncut, Spin, Rolling Stone, Clash, Metal Hammer (it’s still going then..) and a handful of musicians’ mags.This ‘un is in English so if your Spanish stops at “cuatro cervezas, por favor” you may find it a bit more user-friendly.

If front-page daily news action is more your style you can go to where you can browse the front pages of daily papers from around the world or just compare and contrast what your own country’s papers deem important enough to slap on the front page. It’s an iPhone app too, apparently…

Sounds like good news?

Not really if your missus is a newsagent.


* C O U G H *


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