Murphy’s lore

20 May

If you didn’t already know, the mighty LCD Soundsystem are splitting up.

Just before releasing their 3rd album “proper” (not including the DFA remix compilations and hour-long 12″ singles and “sellout-to-the-man” jogging soundtracks) James Murphy (supping PG Tips above), Tim Goldsworthy and other on-off collaborators have decided to throw in the towel at the top of their game (as some journo said on a podcast the other day).

Presumably before treading water or selling out or fading away.
A fear of losing their edge. perchance?

Maybe so.

From the bits I’ve heard, “This is Happening” is at least as good as its predecessors, and as tempted as I was to post a link that some cheeky wrong ‘un had posted to the whole album, the whole thing is already up on Spotify along with the other ones and the twelve inches and remixes and b-sides and the rest.

In an interview here Murphy complained that the humble cassette tape (which younger readers may just remember) was responsible for the sorry state the music business finds itself in now, and equally responsible for the way a lot of us seem to now regard music as something disposable (hit it, pause it, record it and play,turn it, rewind, and rub it away)  as opposed to the big solid hunk of twelve inch vinyl inside its sturdy, irreplaceable picture sleeve.

At least, I think that was what he was on about.

Anyway here is a stream of a nice little remix of “Drunk Girls”, the first single off what seems to be the LCD Soundsystem swansong. Don’t be distracted by the ever-so-slight similarity to Girls and Boys” Blur’s springboard to supermega chart domination… although maybe that was Murphy’s idea – one big silly pop hit and then split up? Also, is it just a coincidence that this disc was released on the 30th anniversary of Ian Curtis’ suicide and that the Japanese import contains a Joy Division cover as a bonus track?
How very arch, James…

LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls (Holy Ghost! Remix) by Hypetrak

Now go to Spotify and listen to the album and then, if you like it, go out and buy it.

And if you haven’t got a Spotify invite, then you can stream it on the LCD Soundsystem site as well.

Although I can’t locate the stream, just a big ad for a €59.99 “This is Happening” kit with a teeshirt, vinyl, a record bag, mp3s and, quite probably a “tacky badge” or two. “We can’t guarantee that this record pack will make you thinner, improve the market value of your home or make your hair nicer” – it says, wryly – “but LCD does however guarantee that this is the new LCD Soundsystem record.”

Ah, here it is!

Of course, I saw them live when they first played in Madrid.

I was there…

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