Chip off the old Bloc

19 May

Kele Okereke (not to be confused with Kero Kero Keroppi , or with Ouka Leele, or even with a ukelele ), former Bloc Party frontman, has just released a solo single, something I was unaware of until about five minutes ago when I chanced upon reference to it on a blog.

Hopefully it will be on a par with his excellent collaboration with them Chemical Brothers boys some years back, although the track goes by the godawful title of Tenderoni which reminds me of a Bobby Brown ballad title or something similarly avoidable.

Isn’t tenderoni a pizza topping, anyway?

Judge for yourselves, the generous fellow is giving away a remix of the single here.

He’s now just calling himself Kele.

Not to be confused with Kelis.

Or Kylie.

UPDATE: Just heard the single mix of this… it’s like a mash-up of Bloc Party with Wiley’s “Wearing My Rolex“!

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