Balearic Gold

16 May

Occasionally, just by googling around a bit, you can find some “most excellent” sites, and indeed hours of iPod food.

If you’re really lucky, this will be paired with a bit of eye-opening information and well resourced documentation.

And if you’re really, really lucky the above will also be accompanied by an exclusive long mix or an out-of-print 12″ to download.

So I was absolutely “sorted” when I chanced upon the two sites below – Test Pressing and The Acid House – which check all three boxes above…

The former – a Balearic heaven of sorts – features “double top” long (like over an hour) mixes by the likes of Andy Weatherall, Jon Marsh, Jose Padilla, Danny Rampling, Adrian Sherwood, Rocky & Diesel, and Brian Eno (!) among others. You can even stream the music first if you don’t want to risk the download. The only downside is that the majority don’t have a tracklisting, but maybe that’s for legal reasons.

The latter has not only acid house in shed-loads but balearic, rave, ‘ardcore, house and a great eclectic section called “Diggers Delight” which “mixes it up” in true early 90’s style.

Latest post has an exclusive mix from Mark Archer from Altern8 – those pre-txting scamps with the Vicks inhalers and surgical masks – which features Japan (the band), Badly Drawn Boy, System 7, Sounds of Blackness, Kenny Larkin, Duran Duran, RJD2, Donald Byrd, The Beat and America (the band) among others.

As De La Soul said, it’s all good.

Test Pressing
The Acid House

And what is the shiny golden Spanish coin above called?

Doble Excelente

You couldn’t make it up.

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