Balearic Beats

14 May

Never been to Ibiza meself.

Unless you count the Madrid metro station, in which case yes I have been there a few times… but the music was crap.

I do have a few “Balearic” twelve inch singles on my shelves, though… and these fellows calling themselves the Balearic Brothers have done a nice little mix.

So we can forgive their mispronunciation of the word “balearic”
( it’s “bal-ee-ar-ick”, chaps) at the start of it.


The Balearic Brothers – What Is Balearic? by Balearic Jukebox

Oh… and while we’re here, here is another link to some other Balearic mixes, featuring names as unlikely as Phil Collins and Simply Red alongside The Orb, Saint Etienne, “Loaded” and the rest of ’em.

Don’t forget this was a genre that boasted remixes of Chris Rea and David Gray as “club classics”!

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